Human Flag World Record

The actual world record for maintaining a human flag position is held by Wang Zhonghua from China. On august 15th 2011, he managed to do the flag for 1 minute 5.71 seconds. It was set in Beijing (China). You can his performance below against a competitor (Wang Zhonghua is the short haired one).


Previous Best Human Flag

The first world record for human flag position was established by Dominic Lacasse on November 23rd 2007. He held the position for 39 seconds. This performance, realized in Toronto (Canada) has had a viral effect on the Internet and quickly became the most discussed human flag performance. You can view his complete performance on YouTube.

Human Flag Related Records

The same day he held the human flag position for 39 seconds, Dominic Lacasse also managed to do 12 chin ups whilst in the human flag position, establishing a second world record.

What It Takes

But what exactly does it take to do the human flag? Obviously, you need a great strength to bodyweight ratio and you need to master the technique of this complex position. However, when interviewed before establishing the first world record, Dominic Lacasse pointed out the main problems faced when holding the human flag for extended period of time. He said that the first 30 seconds typically require strength. However, from this point, it is much more a question of endurance. Muscles tire quickly and breathing becomes harder and harder.

As mentioned in the tutorial, doing the human flag requires determination and practice. In order to achieve this feat, the first world record holder used to practice the human flag and related exercises several hours a day in order to prepare for his competition. Fortunately, it does not take that much dedication to hold for a few seconds but if you feel you have the strength and the motivation to give this world record a try, go ahead!


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