Human Flag Training

In the tutorial on how to do the human flag, your learned the basic techniques to successfully achieve this feat. However, for most people it will need more efforts than learning a technique and make a few attempts. You will probably need to include in you training sessions some exercises that will help you perform the flag. This article is divided in two main sections. In the first one you will learn practice techniques to strengthen your core by practicing the human flag position with easier alternatives. In the second section, exercises are explained to develop specific muscles especially solicited when doing the flag.


Vertical Human Flag

vertical human flag

The easiest way to perform some sort of human flag is to swing as hard as possible and put your legs straight up. You can even bend your knees to counter the level effect and make the movement easier. In final position your body will face the pole and you will be upside down. This position will give you a good idea of how to keep your balance and it will also help you to develop your swing.

Negative Training

Once you have mastered the vertical human flag, you can start to practice going down progressively. Doing negative sets will quickly increase your skills. However, be extremely careful not to hurt yourself when doing this exercise. Let go when you feel you are falling or if you feel some pain.

Horizontal Bars

Using horizontal bars at different heights to get started at doing the flag is a good idea. It will allow you to get a stronger grip and a bit more balance. It is a simple but really effective tip!

Legs Position

bent kneesPutting only your legs to the vertical while doing the flag will limit the lever effect and reduce the heavy tension on your side abs. It will help you especially when you are close to succeed at performing the flag. In the same line of thought, you can bend your knees. This second option is a bit more difficult but it is a much better practice since the rest of the body can keep a clear form.


Good human flag training will put a lot of emphasis on your shoulders, side abs and lats muscles.


Pull UpsPull-ups is one of the best exercise to develop your lats. It is probably already integrated it in you training routine. Doing heavy weight pulls-ups and chin ups will drastically increase the strength needed to hold your body whilst doing human flag.

Should Press

The shoulder situated at the bottom of your human flag supports a lot of your bodyweight. Whether it is by doing shoulder press with dumbbells or by practicing your bodyweight exercises with handstand push ups, you need to focus on developing your shoulders.


Last but not least, work on you abs, especially you side abs. They must be crazy strong to support your legs with such a big lever effect against them. Anything that will develop your abs is good; abs crunch machine, classic abs workout on the floor, etc.


By integrating this training in your routine you should be able to do the flag soon. Don’t hesitate to integrate some exercises of your own to enhance your chances of success!


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