Tips To Do The Human Flag

Below are listed tips to help you do the flag. This list will grow as I get suggestion from visitors. If you have a good tip let me know!

Work On Your Weaknesses

Do not try to compensate your weaknesses by developing muscles which are already strong enough. The flag is a complete exercise and it requires an overall strength. If, for example, your shoulders and your side abs are strong enough but your lats are not solid enough to keep your body parallel to the ground, this is what you need to work on! In this case, trying to compensate by working harder on your abs or your shoulders will get you nowhere.

Practice Before Workout

This might sound obvious but if you have been training with weights for the last years and the human flag is just something you want to do “on the side” you will most likely focus on your main training first. This is a big mistake if you are not able to do the flag yet. Give it a try before your muscles are tired and weakened! Otherwise you considerably reduce your chances of success.

Progressive Approach

If you have not succeed to do the flag after a few tries, lower the difficulty by practicing alternate forms detailed in the human flag training article. There is no point to do a perfect form if you cannot hold it. Furthermore, you risk hurting yourself if you push your limits too far.

Do Not Give Up

It takes dedication and practice to do the flag. If you are fit and you are motivated you will be able to do it if you want it enough. It will not become easy overnight, but sooner or later you will be able to maintain the position. I have also noticed that from the moment you can hold a fraction of second there is an incredible progression. You will probably be able to hold a few seconds within days!

Personnal Trainer

Being supervised by a professional is an excellent way to do the human flag faster. An instructor will help you to reach your goals and will help you to understand what you are doing wrong. If you live near Brooklyn, New York take a look at Al Kavadlo’s website. He is doing personal training and he practices many bodyweight exercises including the human flag!

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