Human Flag Plateform – The Most Incredible Bodyweight Exercise

You thought doing the human flag was difficult? Think again! On September 28th 2012, the acrobatic athlete Dominic Lacasse realized a new human flag prowess. He managed to support the weight of a second person while holding the human flag position. The performance was done at the circus school of Quebec City. The video below shows his exploit.

Dominic Lacasse is a circus athlete and he established the first world record for maintaining the human flag position. He now pushes the bar further by accomplishing the ultimate body weight exercise. It should also be mentioned that he also holds the world record for the most pull-ups done whilst in human flag position.

Strength versus Bodyweight

The performance presented in the video shows that it is possible to do the human flag and support considerable weight. Of course, Dominic Lacasse is a professional athlete, but it is the proof that someone could successfully do the flag even if you do not have an extremely low fat percentage.

Many factors will come into play such as the weight repartition, your strength and your height. But there is a major difference between a 20-30 pounds overweight and supporting the complete weight of another person!

With the right technique and proper training, mostly anyone in great shape will be able to achieve a correct human flag form. Being able to sustain extra weight is definitively another game, but if you are already able to the flag you should give it a try!

Final note

Being a big fan of body weight exercises that require a lot of strength, I am quite impressed by this amazing human flag alternative. This pushes the limits of the human upper body strength and must require long time of practice and training. If you have any seen other similar human flag performance let me know!

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